Heather Wilkinson
May 5 - 19

About the artist - Heather Wilkinson has lived in the Comox Valley since 1995, working as Counsellor in the schools, gardening, hiking, skiing, cycling, singing, dancing, and enjoying the bounty of the Valley. Raised in North Vancouver, she has always loved and studied nature, beauty, dance and song.

In her travels to India, Mexico, Europe, the UK and U.S., Heather took particular joy in moments of contact with the people and places she found beautiful and heart opening, and was able to photograph some of these moments. Four years ago, she began watercolour painting, discovering a new love. With the support and encouragement of her painting groups, she has developed this skill and passion over the past 4 years, painting many of the moments she captured on her camera, some plein air and from life.

Hazel Lennox, local story teller and writer, said this about Heather's painting:

“When I first saw the paintings by Heather, I could not believe how life-like they were. I felt I could reach out and touch the faces, so alive were they. She has captured the joy and delight that shines from their eyes; the faces reflect their inner spirit; her use of colour and blending is remarkable. This is a true talent that has burst forth from Heather and translated itself into an astonishing collection of work that is wonderful to behold.”

Heather's paintings can be found on Facebook Page “Heather Wilkinson Art”